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8:45 PM Sun, Oct. 21st

County Board holds off on decision

KINGMAN – The Mohave County Board of Supervisors voted to postpone any decisions on issues concerning Golden Valley Improvement District No. 1 so that staff recommendations could be posted and itemized individually, and so that further research could be done by the supervisors.

While the supervisors said that certain recommendations seemed good, they wanted further discussion on others and realized that the recommendations could not be voted on individually since the item was not listed that way.

At the meeting, several concerned citizens living within the improvement district expressed their desire to address the issues now instead of later.

Susan Bayer said she thought the Board should take a proactive response to the water issues in Golden Valley.

She said the growth in Golden Valley has caused great concern and that the Board should take these recommendations to heart and vote to save the water now.

Likewise, Sue Smith said that there is a lot of potential growth in Golden Valley and the water issues need to be addressed.

As a Realtor, she is seeing the rights of property owners being taken away as lot splits take up the remaining water allocations.

The water issues in the Golden Valley Improvement District No. 1 need to become a priority, she said.

“Changing land regulations, ministerial land divisions, rezone applications and subdivisions within the Golden Valley Improvement District No. 1 have expanded water service requests beyond the District’s ability to serve. Also, major water users of the Sacramento Aquifer may limit the District’s ability to obtain additional allocations,” said the backup material for the meeting’s agenda.

The Mohave County Public Works department,

according to the backup material, has come up with some recommended measures that are aimed at mitigating the problems affecting the district’s water system. These recommendations, it said, will also be able to facilitate proactive management of the District within Golden Valley.

Created in 1979, the Golden Valley Improvement District No. 1 encompasses 40 square miles including Shinarump Road to the south, Chinle Drive to the north, Ganado Road to the west and Teddy Roosevelt Road to the east, according to backup material. A hydrology study completed at the time under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Department of Water Resources determined the number of water allocations for the district totaling 6,200.

At that time, 4,570 allocations were assigned to parcels in the district, according to the backup, and 1,630 were held in reserve.

The increasing population in the area as well as the increasing requests for lot splits within the improvement district has caused public works to be concerned about the creation of dry lots and how these can be governed.

Recommendations from Public Works include conducting a new hydrology study of the Sacramento Aquifer as well developing a clear policy on prioritizing the sale of unassigned water allocations for properly zoned parcels. Their recommendations also include considering the amount of water allocations as conditions for future land divisions requiring landowners to prove that there are enough allocations to serve each parcel created prior to recording the lot split.

The issues regarding the Golden Valley Improvement District No. 1 will be heard individually at the Board’s meeting on June 19.