Council set to revisit the Boulder Creek subdivision

KINGMAN - The debate between the developers of the Retreat at Boulder Creek and nearby residents will continue at Monday night's meeting of the Kingman City Council.

The Retreat at Boulder Creek is a new subdivision slated for an area north of Hualapai Mountain Road and west of Seneca Street.

During the Oct. 2 Council meeting, some of the residents of Hualapai Foothills Estates protested the current plan of the subdivision. They said the new subdivision would increase traffic and decrease the safety of the area.

During the Oct. 2 meeting, Council asked the developers, Dunton and Dunton, to meet with residents of Hualapai Foothills Estates and discuss some of their concerns.

The topic will be brought back before Council at Monday night's regular Council meeting.

Council will also be discussing or approving the following items:

• Moving into an executive session to review interviews for the city attorney position.

• Authorizing the mayor to sign a grant agreement with the Oversight Council on Driving or Operating Under the Influence Abatement.

The Kingman Police Department applied for a $15,555 grant through the Oversight Council in May. The Oversight Council awarded the grant to the department on Oct. 5. The funds will be used to pay overtime for officers who work DUI traffic stops.

• Authorize the purchase of playground equipment for the Pawnee Neighborhood Park. The cost of the playground equipment is $27,172.59 and is already budgeted into the Pawnee Park account.

• Award a construction contract to Mecom Construction for the rehabilitation of the Central Commercial Building in downtown Kingman. The contract is for $460,443. Funding for the project is coming from a Community Development Block Grant.

• Award a construction management contract to Otwell and Associates for $9,000 for the Central Commercial Building project.

• Approve a preliminary plat for the Mission Hills subdivision. The proposed plat contains three commercial lots on a property that is 4.59 acres in size. The property is located south of Hualapai Mountain Road, west of Mission Boulevard and east of Adams Street.

• A request to approve a rezoning of 10 lots along Slaughterhouse Canyon Road from open space to residential single-family. The parcels were created in 1953 and are known as Indian Camp.

• Approve the renaming of a portion of the original Airway Avenue alignment to Rimel Road. The section is between North Diamond Street and North Apache Street.

• Acceptance of a cash escrow assurance from Mohave Engineering Associates, Inc. for sidewalks for the Southern Vista II subdivision.

• Adopt the Housing Rehabilitation Guidelines from the Arizona Department of Housing. Council must adopt the guidelines in order to apply for a Community Development Block Grant for 2007.

• Authorize the Airport Authority to apply for federal and state grants for capital improvement projects at the airport.

• Provide water service to an 8.86-acre parcel on Hualapai Mountain Road.

• Approve the request of a conditional-use permit to allow the construction of a 352-square-foot detached garage and an additional 378 square feet of living space to a residence on East Beale Street. The addition would expand onto a commercially zoned parcel.

• Approve a liquor license for beer and wine for the USA Truck Center on West Beale Street.