Council hears from Minutemen, residents

Group calls for ordinance against hiring and renting to illegal immigrants

KINGMAN - Members of the Mohave County Minutemen appeared before Kingman City Council at Monday night's meeting.

Mayor Les Byram limited the group to two speakers.

Hualapai Mountain Road resident Joyce Barks was first to speak. She asked Council to consider adopting an Illegal Immigration Relief Act similar to one the city of Hazelton, Penn., adopted recently.

Barks said the ordinance would accomplish three things: it would fine landlords who knowingly rent to illegal immigrants, fine local businesses that employ illegal immigrants and declare English the official language of the city.

"I am very angry about illegals marching in our streets demanding their rights," she said. "Not only do American workers have to deal with the outsourcing of jobs but also the rising cost of health care, housing, fuel to get to work. Now they have to compete with their own citizens who want cheap labor. And the good old American taxpayer picks up the tab," she said.

She said many workers cannot afford their own medical insurance or health care.

But their tax dollars go to provide free health care and education to illegals.

"We of the Mohave County Minutemen will fight for the future of our children and our grandchildren.

"This is the greatest country in the world, and we will not allow it to become a third world country," she said.

Italian immigrant Luka Zanna also spoke to Council about the issue of illegal immigration. He warned Council that English would no longer be the spoken language of this country if something wasn't done soon.

He said that he used to live in California and moved to Golden Valley in order to get away from the gang violence and other issues that cropped up in his neighborhood due to illegal immigration.

"The federal government is not going to do what we need to do," he said. "We are not going to deport anybody. We have to give them the chance to deport themselves."

Zanna told the Council that illegal immigration is a homeland security issue as well as an economic issue. The 9/11 highjackers were all illegal immigrants, he said.

He gave the Council documents that he said were from the federal Department of Homeland Security showing that members of Hezbolla, an Islamic terrorist group, were crossing the Arizona border into the United States.

"We cannot permit one mistake. All we need is one mistake, one bomb," he said.

If people stop renting to and hiring illegal aliens, they will go back to where they came from, back to California, he said.

In other business, the Council:

• named the new city attorney, Carl Cooper. Cooper is the assistant city attorney. He has been acting as the city attorney since the previous attorney left at the end of April.

• approved the acceptance of an escrow assurance for sidewalks for the Southern Vista II development.

• approved a preliminary subdivision plat for Mission Hills development.

• approved renaming part of Airway Avenue Rimel Road between North Diamond Street and North Apache Street.

• authorized the mayor to sign an agreement for a $15,555 grant from the Oversight Council on Driving or Operating Under the Influence Abatement for the Kingman Police Department.

• authorized the purchase of playground equipment for the Pawnee Neighborhood Park. The equipment is expected to cost $27,172.59.

• approved the Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation Guidelines.

• authorized the Kingman Airport Authority to apply for federal and state grants for capital improvement projects.

• approved water service to a parcel on Hualapai Mountain Road.

• awarded a construction contract to Mecom Construction for the Central Commercial Rehabilitation project.

• awarded a construction management contract to Otwell and Associates for the Central Commercial Rehabilitation project.

• awarded a contract for two booster pump controllers and motors for the Public Works Department to Keller Equipment.

• awarded a contract for two booster pumps for the Public Works Department to Gilbert Pump.

• approved a request to rezone 10 lots along Slaughterhouse Canyon Road south of Granite Bluffs from Open Space to Residential Single Family. The land is part of the Indian Camp.

• approved a conditional-use permit for a downtown resident to extend an addition to her home into a commercially zoned area.