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1:33 PM Mon, Feb. 18th

Councils stood strong against Minutemen

The so-called Mohave County Minutemen presented their racist, anti-Hispanic proposal to the city councils of both Kingman and Bullhead City. I was very pleased and proud that both these bodies refused to seriously consider this Third Reich-type of behavior as a solution to the immigration problem.

Spying on our neighbors, the Latino ones, and attempting to determine if they are here legally is not what citizens do in a free society. Do they also suggest that we try to ferret out any Canadians who slipped into the U.S. unnoticed too? Of course not. They look too much like "us," white and Angloish. Are the Minutemen so insecure in their own skins that they have to create this hate program just to feel in control of their own lives? Apparently so.

Kudos to our two local city councils for treating these un-American and socially destructive proposals with the disdain they deserve.

Liam Rooney