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1:35 PM Tue, Oct. 16th

Our lost values

It's a scary world out there! We are involved in a war against the terrorists, whose only purpose in life is to destroy this great nation. In Iran every night, be it old or young, their only prayer is "Death to the Great Satan, America!"

Now an Associated Press reporter has been linked as a supporter of al-Qaida, by falsifying pictures and stories about what really happened over there.

The "Shadow Party" of George Soros, who basically hates America, wants to take over this country under the guise of the Democratic Party. He'd like a world government run only by big business. The rest of us can go to "oh well"!

All the politicians in Washington can't seem to get together on what is really right for "us the people." They only want to extend their own power and control over us. Are there any real "statesmen" left to serve this country?

We've been watching the History Channel's "American Revolution." It's a wonderful series of what our forefathers went through to make this nation what it is today. The Revolution started around 1765, with some noble and courageous men who no longer wanted to be taxed unjustly by the King of England! They wanted to rule their own country. It took until 1776, when all finally agreed on the Declaration of Independence. All they wanted was for the good of the people that were in America at that time. The Revolutionary War took many years, and it was not until 1789 that George Washington was elected our first President.

Has this wonderful country that I adopted become so complacent that we no longer have any "patience," because of the speed of news, e-mail, and the cell phones? Must we all have "instant gratification"?

Maybe this "American Revolution" series should be a mandatory "watch" by all high school and college students, and all our "would-be politicians" and politicians? It would remind everyone just what it took to found this great country. Are we now a "cut and run" society that has lost all it's values of what it means to be "free," so that we might express our own opinions?

How many courageous men have died to make this country as we have it today? It seems more people are killed on the highways per day than those fighting for freedom in the Middle East. Iraq only got to vote one year ago, it took us almost 29 years to become what we are today!

Gisela Potokar