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9:34 PM Tue, Nov. 13th

Building fence is just the first step

I am in total agreement with your article in the Oct. 1 Miner, "Will the Real Americans Please Stand Up."

However, it can be further stated that Americans should not only build a fence but also put sanctions against the Mexican government to do their part in keeping those illegal immigrants returned to Mexico, such as putting them in a Mexican jail. If the Mexican government also made it illegal to cross the border, with repercussions for doing so, I do not believe there would be as many illegals trying.

If the Mexican government refuses to help the situation, then close the borders from both sides - no Americans go in, no illegals or legal immigrants come out - until such time as America receives some cooperation, period. After all, they rely much more on the American dollar and tourism from this side. Most of the money that the illegal and legal immigrants make in this country is taken or sent back to their families in Mexico. The money is not spent here in the U.S., so how can the immigrants be helping our economy?

Look, the operative word here is "illegal." Whether one is speaking of immigrants, drugs or any other issue, illegal is illegal.

Jean Downs