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9:38 AM Mon, Oct. 22nd

Voters to decide who moves on

KINGMAN - The primary election has arrived. Tuesday morning the polls will open and voters will decide who will move on to the November general election.

In Arizona, according to Mohave County Elections Director Allen Tempert, there are three recognized parties - the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the Libertarian Party.

If a voter is registered under one of these parties, they will be given the corresponding ballot for the candidates running under the banner of these parties.

If a voter is not registered under one of the recognized parties, they are allowed to pick from the three ballots for the primary.

Primaries always occur eight weeks prior to the November general election, which is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

"Primaries differ across the states depending on state laws and regulations, but the general elections are standard across the county," Tempert said.

In the general election, the candidates will all appear on one common ballot.

For this election, Proposition 200 will be in effect.

All voters need to remember to bring identification when going to the polls to vote.

Either a photo identification, such as a state-issued driver's license with the voter's name and address, or two forms of ID that have no photo but include the name and address of the voter must be presented at the polls in order to vote.

Non-photo identification can include utility bills or bank statements.

If a voter comes to the polls without identification, he or she will be issued a provisional ballot. Proper identification will need to be provided to the Elections Department before the ballot will be counted.

The address on a voter's identification must match the current address registered with voter's registration.

If they do not match, a provisional ballot will be issued.

Voter registration will compare the signature with the one on the voter's registration to ensure accuracy.

The polls will open at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

For more information, contact the elections department at 753-0733.