Our hands are in a lot of cookie jars

I'm going to use this space today to talk about your Miner. We've got a lot of stuff to serve up over the next six months, and we will need support from loyal readers to get these things done.

First, we are finally set to launch a Food section on Sundays. While we haven't totally scoped out exactly what we want to include in this section, we do know that restaurant health reports and local recipes are a must.

Several readers have contacted us over the last year asking us to print food inspection results, and since the county has enhanced its Web site, now is the time to do it. As always, fairness in reporting is a top priority, right below giving information to readers that they can use. We want to make sure that when we report that a restaurant has received bad marks that we also report any follow-up inspections, when the restaurant (hopefully) took care of the problems. We already know that some restaurants will not like us reporting inspections, but most should welcome it, as it will allow them to tout the cleanliness of their restaurant and show customers that they make food safety a priority.

We are asking readers to send us their favorite original recipes to share with readers. A box about submissions will appear on Page 2 for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, readers will respond, as I think local dishes will make the section more interesting. Maybe we will do a cooking contest early next year and give recipe-submitters a chance to compete for prizes, with me being the judge. I can almost taste it already.

The Miner staff is also focused on the past as it relates to a project expected to be completed in the near future. On Nov. 5, your Miner turns 125, and we want to celebrate by publishing a book on the history of Kingman, including lots and lots of pictures from our past. Support from the Mohave County Museum of History and Arts will be key, and we will be meeting with the staff there soon to make this work, as much of the newspaper's history is housed in its library.

The city of Kingman is also 125 this year, but you wouldn't know that driving around town. Maybe they'll decide to put up some bunting or something later this year. I've heard that the city, similar to its decision to cancel a fireworks show last year on July 4 and promising a big blowout this year, is looking at doing something major for its 150th anniversary. Rumor is that Mayor Byram is already concerned that the city lacks the necessary funds. (I'm joking, by the way.)

The Miner is also tweaking some other things (no, not comics), like speeding up the process of getting letters to the editor in the paper. We tried another system, that didn't really work, so now we'll try Plan B, which is sending out postcards to letter-writers to let them know that we received their submission. On the cards, contact information will be given so the person can call us if they didn't send in the letter. That way, we don't have to wait so long to verify letters, so hopefully, we can get letters in much quicker than is the norm now. It's got to work, as I don't have a Plan C. We are also focused on creating an archive system that is way past due. I would like it to be something readers can access at some point.

I'll keep you informed on how we're doing.

As always, please contact me (753-6397, ext. 222, mborgard@kingmandailyminer.com) to praise or criticize our efforts. I especially like the former, but the latter is more beneficial.