Supervisor candidate reveals campaign issues

To the constituents of Mohave County District 1:

By now, most of you have heard that I am a candidate for Mohave County Board of Supervisors District 1. Even though the election seems far into the future, it's time for me to roll up my sleeves and get started. My agenda, when elected, will be as follows: Drivable roads throughout all rural areas; a county Sheriffs Office with a holding cell in distant rural areas; better drug enforcement; stronger animal control enforcement; rescinding Mohave County Ordinance 90-1, which has increased the kitchen license fees of all non-profit organizations, such as the VFW, American Legion, Am-Vets, D.A.V.. schools, and many others.

Also to rescind the ordinance that requires all non-profit organizations to have a kitchen food manager that has to be on the payroll. This may put some of these organizations out of business. Since these organizations are routinely inspected and any person working in the kitchen must have a food handler's card, these fees and others should not be required.

My temporary office is at Tacky Stuf 4 Horses at The Ranch Club on Pierce Ferry Road in Dolan Springs. If you are not registered to vote or need a change of name or address; we have these forms on hand. As always, my door is open.

If you would care to join the growing number of constituents who are supporting me, I can be reached at (702) 561-8426 or 767-3833; e-mail

Thank you,

Norton (Norty ) Turchen

Candidate for District1 supervisor