Unions losing long-held clout

Your March 20 edition has an article stating that there will soon be a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Prescott. I had to smile when I read the article that a union-sponsored organization took the issue to the voters of Prescott and they were soundly defeated by the people. Looks like the unions are losing a lot of their clout in this country. Glad to see it go that way.

I was a Teamsters union member way back when Jimmy Hoffa was president, and I and lots of other members lost a lot of our pension money to the mob. I was a relatively new member and had only $3,500 in the fund, but I lost it all. From that day on, I have never been a union member nor will I ever.

I get stung once in a while but never in the same place.

Fred Bitgood