Time to abandon the grand illusion

For decades, the house of mirrors has been a mainstay at carnival midways and at amusement parks. In that setting, it is harmless entertainment, an escape from reality, an opportunity to enjoy a slight twist on reality.

In many ways, our nation is today much like a carnival fun house, the old-fashioned house of mirrors. Little is what it seems to be, reality is distorted and twisted, and illusion abounds. There the similarities end, for in a carnival, this is all fun and games, but in the real world, it is a tragedy, a situation that is no laughing matter.

For in a nation or society where everyone does whatever is right in his own eyes, where every individual chooses his version of reality, where lives are lived without consequence for actions, everyone suffers. Everyone pays a price when we choose illusion for substance, abandon self-restraint and choose reliance over self-reliance.

Examples abound of the consequences of accepting such convoluted and myopic thinking. The glory of the civil rights movement of the 1960s spearheaded by men such as Martin Luther King was that the vision of the nation's founders, the concept based upon the truth that all men were created equal, had finally been realized.

We no longer accept or acknowledge truth or that it even exists. As a result, it makes perfect sense to see denial of marital rights to those who choose homosexuality an offense equal to that of denying rights to an individual based upon ethnicity.

The further we proceed away from the safe harbor of reason into the sea of confusion, the more difficult it becomes to rationalize or justify actions. To give birth and drop the child into a dumpster is a crime. To have the child aborted moments before birth is a procedure, partial birth abortion, defended by many as a right to choose.

With the abandonment of truth, of reason, a sexual preference becomes a right worthy of preferential treatment. As with lies, another must be told to cover the first. Having made a choice a right, we now have to infringe upon another individuals right of free speech. When we accept abortion as a right, then we infringe upon the right to life of another.

In the past when reason prevailed, it was the individual who did not succumb to their passions and urges, that raised above them, that placed the needs of others above their own, who was the hero, the inspiration. Today we applaud those who succumb to their passions, and those who place their needs above those of others are championed the hero.

With this abandonment of reason and truth, we become a nation of victims. Victims can excuse themselves and be excused by others for irresponsible behavior. A proclivity toward homosexuality or adultery or even pedophilia is not to be discouraged.

The damage of transforming our society into a nation of victims is most evident in our courts where guilt is secondary to motivation. Now, more often than not, the victim becomes the criminal and the criminal the victim.

Historically, a government, specifically a constitutional republic, will endure so long as the ideas, precepts and philosophy of the men behind its founding remain dominant. As the founders of this nation accepted the concept of absolute truth and we have rejected it, how long can we expect our institutions of government to function as intended.

Evidence abounds that we have abandoned the foundational precepts of the founders. Now the question to be answered is this, is the nation better or worse as a result?

Using the civil rights movement of the 1960s as a point of reference, have we progressed in regards to equality. Has education improved during the past 40 years? Are our children better off today than they were then?

Most everyone has far more stuff now than then. Are we better off as a result? Are we happier because of our stuff?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then we should be asking ourselves, with honesty, why. Next, we should be asking what if anything could be done to restore our nation, our society, and our homes.

Perhaps we should reevaluate what progress has been made, abandon those things that do not work or that have compounded the problems they were created to fix, and reinstate those things that did work. Perhaps it is time to abandon the grand illusion. Perhaps the time has come for a return to common sense.