Methheads are not the victims

In response to Ms. Neary's and Mr. Maz's letters criticizing my letter regarding meth users as "victims."

First, if she bothered to actually read my letter, and it was a short one, she would have noticed I said "scant mention" was made. It was mentioned but certainly not in any detail. So much for my opinion being "ignorant."

I have two siblings out of three who have drug and alcohol problems. I do not blame others for their problems, either. And I in no way enable them. In my last job, I worked with drug and alcohol abusers as clients on a daily basis for 11-1/2 years. So much for my never having had to deal with it. And with my siblings the problem was for much longer than four years. And I have also had my home robbed by methheads while I was out of town.

Dealers are the lowest form of life there is. But keep in mind that no one is held down and has meth or anything else shoved into them by force. People make choices, it is that simple. The only victims are the people they rob and sometimes kill, and family members for certain.

I will stop referring to people as methhead criminals the day they cease being that and victimizing others.

Ed Finnesey