Rhodes responds to loss of lawsuit

KINGMAN - Wednesday morning Lisa Urias, a spokesperson for Rhodes, responded to questions about the recent ruling on a civil suit involving local developer Scott Dunton and one of Jim Rhodes' design companies.

"We are obviously disappointed with the finding and are considering an appeal," she said.

She said the company felt that the language concerning the terms and conditions in the contract were very clear and there was a very clear timeframe in which those conditions had to be met, and that Dunton did not meet the conditions within that timeframe.

Dunton on the other hand was very happy with the outcome of the trial.

"All we wanted was the property as agreed to in the contract and our attorney's fees," Dunton said in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon. "That's all we wanted from the beginning."

The acreage figures were actually flip-flopped in Tuesday's Miner story.

Dunton said the agreement had Walnut Creek Estates, his development, acquiring 5,184 acres and Rhodes 1,713 acres. The part of the property designated for Rhodes is actually part of the eastern side of his master plan community, Pravada.

The figures used in Tuesday's story came from a copy of the agreement included in the original complaint filed in January 2005.

Those figures weren't finalized until after the sale of the property to Rhodes, Dunton said.

When asked about the timeframe Urias alluded to, Dunton agreed that there was a timeframe. He was told that Rhodes was supposed to transfer the land to him on Jan.15 at the title company. Dunton said he happened to be in the title company on Dec. 31 and saw Rhodes sign the papers controlling the property over to another company.

When asked about Rhodes possibly appealing the verdict, Dunton said he wasn't surprised and he was fine with it. The appeal would just end up holding up Dunton's payment to Rhodes for the property while the appeal was hashed out in court, he said.

"I just want to give them the money and get my property," he said.