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9:16 AM Mon, Oct. 22nd

Help contact fellow victim of Porphyria

I am writing this in hopes that you might help me get in touch with someone. I know that in your letters to the editor you print the name and location of the writer. I would like to have you print my letter without these. Let me explain, please:

I have a rare and deadly disorder called Porphyria. It is so rare that only 400 or so people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with it. Therefore, you can understand my surprise when I was informed that there was another person living here in Golden Valley who also was being treated for it.

The odds of this are, to say the least, extraordinary. You'd be more likely to win Powerball than to have two people in such a small community having this disorder. I would like to see, through your paper, if I might be able to get in touch with this person.

As the doctors cannot disclose the name of this person, I thought you might be able to help me get in touch with this person.

The reason for withholding my name is to prevent people, some with good intentions no doubt, from calling and bothering me, suggesting home cures and wanting to pray for or with me.

I am trying to contact the person with the disorder known as Porphyria. If you would like to contact me, please call the editor of the Miner and he will be able to give you my phone number.

Your privacy will be respected to the utmost of our ability to do so. Please, you don't even have to give him or me your name.

It is an awful thing having something that no one can relate to. It would be nice to talk to at least one person who could understand my situation.

Name withheld by request