Neighbor responds to sleepless in GV letter

Dear editor:

I would like to respond to the letter, "Going to the dogs."

Shame on you, concerned citizen extraordinaire, for submitting false complaints to animal control in an attempt to threaten, harass and intimidate your neighbors in your misguided effort to silence the neighborhood until 9 a.m.

This is not problem solving. It's creating them.

Our first knowledge of a problem was when animal control arrived. And our "whining" is about the false, self-serving complaints being filed.

Animal control inquired about my "noisy, vicious pit bull." He patrols and protects my property, disguised as a golden lab with a big bluff. Since his job is to deter unwanted intruders, I wouldn't want this information to get out, so please keep it confidential.

I'm one of the "self-absorbed whiners," retired and at home most days. I have never heard any of the animals excessively bark, nor have my neighbors.

We all have dogs, and occasionally they act like dogs! When Waste Management, FedEx, UPS, loose dogs, horses or morning walkers pass, they bark. When the disturbance passes, they lie down and sleep.

Unfortunately, no one has told Waste Management, UPS, FedEX, the animals or morning walkers that they can't come by before 9 a.m. Oh, and the school bus. Those silly people actually drive that bus down the street at 7:15 a.m. and those ridiculous kids pass our yards to get to the bus!

Also, many neighbors leave for work early. When this was mentioned, the response was "that's your problem." Excuse me, but we are the ones who are supposed to "get over ourselves?"

How do we silence our dogs from barking at everyday life? Many people's world begins before 6 a.m. It's interested that a dozen-plus households are "self-absorbed, selfish whiners," because we find it difficult to bend to their self-serving will.

If they really want to responsibly live together with their neighbors, maybe they should show us how to train our animals to tell time. Or they could explore some remedies to allow them to get their much-needed sleep, like insulating the bedroom walls, installing double-pane windows, or using a white-noise emitter or earplugs.

Suggesting that everyone is wrong but them seems an awful lot like the pot calling the kettle black.

Linda Anthony

Rancho Verde Estates

Golden Valley