Cinemark announces new theater

I'll be back. Those words made famous by a certain California governor in a 1980s flick now have new meaning in Kingman.

After word was released that Cinemark's four-screen multiplex will close its doors on Sunday, the Plano, Texas-based company announced Wednesday they will open a 10-screen multiplex for Kingman next fall.

In the meantime, it looks like Kingmanites will have to head to Laughlin to catch the latest summer action blockbusters and family films.

For those who have bought gift cards for Cinemark in anticipation of the holidays, they can hang onto them until the new location opens or contact the corporate offices at (800) 246-3627 for refunds, said James Meredith, the vice president of marketing and advertising.

The new cinema will be a part of the Mountain View Plaza Project near the intersection of Hualapai Mountain Road and Eastern Street. Though representatives with Cinemark wouldn't release the square-footage of the building, they said the 10-screen theater would have stadium seating, wall-to-wall screens and digital audio output.

"The only type of theaters you build these days is state of the art," said Tom Owens, the senior vice president of real estate for Cinemark.

Cinemark is reworking design concepts for the new location to meet the elevation requirements for the city. The development of the new movie theater is being handled by J&B Investment Group.

Owens said the new multiplex would be of the caliber of their 55,000-square-foot, 16-screen Mesa location, which opened in May 2006. According to their Web site, Cinemark has 285 theatres and 3,606 screens in 38 states.

"It's time really for an upgrade," Meredith said. "Kingman needs the latest and greatest."

The features of the scheduled location are definite upgrades from the current and soon-to-be old location at 4055 Stockton Hill Road. The four-screen cinema has been in use by Cinemark for the last 25 years.

The company's decision to leave the Stockton Hill Road location coincides with the end of their lease. Owens said they chose not to continue at the current theater location because the owner wanted a long-term lease.

"People in Kingman have associated Cinemark with the older theater and that's not what we are," Owens said.

Kaplan Real Estate manages the location on Stockton Hill Road. Broker John L. Keith confirmed the owner requested a long-term lease to keep the company running at the location.