I speak Spanish and still love this country

I want to respectfully address Mike Davis and his "Respect the flag and speak English" opinion and also those who agree with him. Just because people speak English does not mean they respect the flag or love the country it stands for. On the flip-side, to even insinuate that because some of us speak a different language we don't love this country or respect its flag is very insulting and offensive.

I was born in the U.S. and have always known English and Spanish, but my mother and my best friend were not and have not. Although they speak English with a heavy accent, they have shown an interest, like most immigrants I know, to learn English and have done so. They speak it plenty, and ironically enough, when I am in public with either one of them, it is I who tells them "Habla me en Español." Don't let this fool you - I still love this country, as do they. Unless we're pointing at you and laughing while we're speaking Spanish, I can't understand why it bothers you in the least. How is it any of your concern?

Maybe we should focus on how we treat people, obey the law, earn our living and raise our families to show our love for this country.

When my mother became a naturalized American, the judge presiding over the ceremony said this to the group of new Americans. "Now don't lose your identities. Do your best to hold on to your customs and languages because this country was built by immigrants for immigrants and that's what makes America beautiful."

If you're not speaking a Native American language, you must, at least in part, agree with this eloquent and accurate sentiment.

Thank you and God bless.

Roberto Rodriguez