English is the language of business here

In response to Roberto Rodriguez' letter in the Dec. 14 issue of The Daily Miner, I would like to say that it is wonderful that you keep your language skills in your native tongue by speaking it with family and friends in conversations. I believe that being multi-lingual is an asset to those who have that capability, and I also believe that most Americans who were born in Germany, Japan, Thailand and all other countries insure that their children retain the ability to speak in that language. I also believe that they want their children to become fluent in speaking and writing in English, the language of America. This duality gives their children an "edge" in life, as far as I'm concerned.

However, I, and many others, have experienced the difficulty in a business situation by telephone, or person to person, due to the poor English skills. Any person representing an American company or business should be able to communicate in English, both in speaking and writing. Our government and American businesses have had to spend millions of dollars annually in printing manufacturers' instructions, voting ballots, etc., for those who are unable to speak or read English. This should not be.

What language people speak in private or personal conversations is up to the individual, but what you speak in public situations and business situations should be English when living and working in America.

Wanda Stilt

Dolan Springs