A new slant on American justice

Two border patrol agents recently stopped a drug smuggler on our border with Mexico from bringing in 743 pounds of marijuana. One of the agents was knocked down by the smuggler, who took off for the Mexican border. The other agent, seeing his partner was down, shot at the smuggler, and evidently hit him in the buttocks. He made it to a waiting truck and escaped. U.S. prosecutors went into Mexico, brought the smuggler back to this country, promising him immunity if he would testify against the two agents.

The agents were subsequently convicted on charges of causing serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm and violating the "illegal alien drug smuggler's civil rights." The Latino judge sentenced the agents to prison terms. One was sentenced to 11 and the other to 12 years.

President Bush has pardoned 14 criminals, but he refused to pardon the two U.S. Border Patrol agents sentenced to prison for intercepting an illegal alien drug smuggler. That drug smuggler was later again caught attempting to smuggle drugs into this country. He is now suing our government for millions of dollars.

It would not be surprising to hear that he wins his suit, and that Bush (who has been recently adjudged by many to be on the verge of insanity, if not already there, in his pursuit of more escalation in his horrible fiasco in Iraq) personally signs the damage award check to please his friend, former President Fox.

Warren Ogren

Hayward, Wis.