Spay, neuter ordinance needed here

The purpose of this letter (to Pete Byers, Mohave County Supervisor) is to implore you and your fellow supervisors to adopt and enforce a spay and neuter ordinance in Mohave County.

Living in Golden Valley, I see countless dogs wandering around homeless, dogs that have obviously once belonged to humans because they wag their tails as one approaches, in hopes that the master or mistress has come back to claim them - which they never do. Most of these trusting dogs end up dying in some horrible fashion from either the severe weather or by being attacked by predators. The lucky ones are picked up by Animal Control - at least their lives do not have to stretch out into desperation and fear - only to die a horrible death anyway. The touch of the needle of death is the only "comfort" some of these animals will ever have. It is heartbreaking. God knows how many cats and kittens are out there because they, unlike the ever-trusting dog, hide in the brush in fear, desperately trying to stay alive.

The local "no-kill" sanctuaries struggle to care for literally hundreds of cast-off animals who never asked to be born into a life of hardship and being unwanted; who only ask for a minimum of care and a touch of love; who are willing to give all that love back a thousand-fold. It is tragic.

The only solution is a spay and neuter ordinance that is implemented and enforced. You can have all the low-cost spay and neuter clinics in the world, but even those do not seem to thrive here because ignorant humans will not take their pets in for the procedures.

Please look into your heart and do the right thing.

Christine Bean

Golden Valley