Warning: Mail is being tampered with

My son graduated from Kingman High School on June 7 like many others.

After sending out announcements, I was puzzled why there hadn't been any cards from our friends and family. Finally, June 17, his first card was received from my brother in Oceanside, Calif. However, the envelope had been opened and taped. I called my brother to see if he had taped the envelope and he said no.

On June 18, I gave the envelope to our mail carrier and told her of my discovery. I asked her if she would give it to her boss. She warned me of mail being tampered with at Christmas.

I saw the mail being delivered on June 17 and retrieved it within minutes. On June 19, I filed a complaint online with the U.S. Postal Service.

I feel our community needs to be warned of this. My son still has not received any more graduation cards and the only way to find out if any were intercepted is to notify each person we sent an announcement to.

Thank you for getting the word out to the community.

Sandra Garrett