Stand up for the people who elected you

Regarding "Officials disagree on gun bill," consider the following:

I certainly can understand why I am not permitted to carry a gun in a jail, detention center, hospital, courthouse or bar. If I'm lawfully arrested, I am giving up my rights as a citizen to bear arms.

If I am required to surrender my weapon as a prerequisite to conducting business in any other public establishment, I have two choices.

I can surrender my weapon if so requested or take my business to some other place.

If I want to attend a meeting of the Board of Supervisors, I have the right to bear arms for the purpose of defending my life or the state (see Article II, Section 26 of the Arizona Constitution and the Declaration of Rights).

Supervisor Pete Byers states that he is not generally a gun control type of person, but he believes guns do not have a place in public meetings where things can get heated. He further stated that everyone has the right to have a gun, but there are proper places for everything.

With all due respect, Mr. Byers, everyone does not have the right to bear arms. Felons are not permitted by law to bear arms. Persons convicted of domestic violence give up their right to even own a gun.

Regarding attending meetings which can become heated, there are many places that can become heated.

Why, after all these years, are you suddenly opposed to persons "packing heat" at the meetings where you are present? Did it frighten you to see me sitting in the Roadrunner Cafe packing heat?

Were you really afraid for your personal security as I sat there having breakfast?

Do you really believe your constituents agree with your thoughts as regards "guns in public places?" I don't think so.

People coming from California have been so thoroughly brainwashed about guns, I suspect you are listening to them more than you are listening to us. The expense (as you state) is not the problem or a solution to bearing arms in the state of Arizona.

You were not elected by the people to win a popularity contest. You were elected to stand up for the rights of the people who elected you!

Mac McCarty

Golden Valley