Report all suspicious activity to cops

This is the second time (that I know of) in a little over a year that this same water tank has been targeted.

In June of 2006, we reported a hole in the tank and of hearing a high-powered rifle shot the evening before as we sat on the patio. This is not uncommon in Rancho Santa Fe on the southeast corner of the subdivision. We hear gunfire out here more often than we would care to. That is a whole other story.

Because we reported the incident, and an officer (KPD) recalled pulling over the shooter the evening before, the shooter was apprehended and forced to make restitution.

I urge all citizens to report any suspicious activity or incidents, no matter how trivial. And I urge the shooters to stop thinking of themselves as "great white hunters" who feel the need to fire their expensive weapons at a huge object at relatively close range.

Like most petty criminals, they are ignorant of the fact that the cost of water is passed on to the consumer - and everyone has to have water.

Dan O'Connell