Gregg's direct sales work highlighted in Oprah's magazine

KINGMAN - Kingman resident Kenni Sue Gregg was surprised when a friend called to tell her she was featured in the May issue of O, the Oprah Magazine.

Although she had filled out a survey for her direct sales company, Creative Memories, in December, she had been told she would be contacted if selected. When no one notified her by April, she just figured that she had not been chosen for the article.

It was quite a shock to then see her information, and photograph, printed in the magazine.

Gregg said Creative Memories contacted her late last year to do the survey. She was told that the editors of O had contacted the Direct Selling Association and informed them of their desire to do a feature article on direct sales.

The association then contacted 20 organizations, which contacted 20 of their top sellers to fill out the surveys. Of those 400 surveys, eight, including Gregg's, were chosen to appear in the article.

Gregg said she was chosen because she continues to work full time while building a strong direct sales business part time.

Since the article came out at the beginning of May, Gregg said she has received several e-mails from other direct sales companies, requesting that she join them.

Gregg started with Creative Memories 10 years ago as a means to make extra money. At the time, a friend asked if she'd be interested in taking over her customers when she moved out of town. She took the leap and has managed to build a successful business, she said.

The key to her success has been consistency, Gregg said. No matter what, she hosts at least one event every month, in addition to her home parties. She has also branched out since she began to include digital scrapbooks, traditional scrapbooks and custom framing.

Direct selling has many benefits for Gregg. She sets her own schedule, gets to work with one of her favorite hobbies, and gets to help others preserve their memories in their choice of media. In addition to the profits she makes selling the material, there are bonuses each month and each quarter, as well as optional life insurance, health care and stipends.

She also enjoys helping others to start their own business. Last year, she had 12 new sellers join her team.

In addition to running a successful business through Creative Memories, Gregg also continues to work full time as an office manager for AbsoluteSmiles Dentistry.

For more information on Creative Memories, contact Gregg at 753-3272.