Finally, county has a complete map

KINGMAN - Well, it's about time. At least that's what some people will be saying when they spot the new Mohave County Road Guide in local stores.

The book is the brainchild of Realtors Dave Kreitel and Tony Kuc.

Kreitel found out soon after he moved here that showing a piece of property to a potential buyer could be an exercise in futility since there was no comprehensive map of the county.

Kuc had been experiencing the same problem for the last few years.

"We were patching together maps from various different sources. There really weren't any good maps of the entire county," Kuc said.

And because of Mohave County's large size and rather small population, it was unlikely that larger map companies like McNally would create a map for the area.

Kreitel was so frustrated that he decided to create his own map book and sell it. Kreitel also works with computers.

He started work on the project in December. It took more than 2,000 hours of driving down dirt roads and computer work and more than $30,000 to complete the 76-page book.

The book covers more than 6,500 square miles, or about half of the county from Temple Bar Road in the north to the La Paz County line in the south and from the Colorado River to Yavapai and Coconino counties to the east.

He spoke with a number of people, including first-responders such as fire departments, the Sheriff's Office, tow companies, Realtors and other to figure out ways to improve the safety of residents in the county by using a grid system.

The system is based on the existing township, range and section numbers, which are marked on the edges of each map in the book. Each map covers a 12-by-12-mile area.

Residents can give the township, range and section numbers to emergency personnel who can then more accurately pinpoint their location.

The book even includes a short section on how to read a United States Geological Survey section marker.

The markers are pins that were placed at the four corners of the different one-square-mile sections in the county.

With the help of the map book, a person who is lost should be able to find their way back to the nearest road.

Four-wheel-drive enthusiasts might be a little disappointed with the book, since Kreitel and Kuc did not include any four-wheel trails.

"This is supposed to be a road map book," Kreitel said.

There are plenty of four-wheel trail books out there already, he said, and he and Kuc did not want people to get confused between a trail and an actual road in the book.

The book uses two different colors to let readers know if a road is paved or dirt.

Kreitel and Kuc even marked off the boundaries of the different city limits, the I-40 Industrial Corridor, water and fire district boundaries and Federal Emergency Management Agency flood plains, and color-coded the different federal, state, private and Indian lands.

Also included in the book are current, new and proposed subdivisions.

That solves a particular difficulty that area Realtors were running into, pinpointing exactly where a proposed subdivision would be built.

Kreitel said people are already clamoring for the book.

The first run is only 5,000 copies. After that, Kreitel plans to make any necessary updates to the book and run another 5,000 copies.

He is asking developers, real estate agents and others interested in adding their projects to the book to contact him at

Residents can find the book at Hastings in Kingman, Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City.

Kreitel and Kuc also plan on selling the books in area stores, some real estate companies, chambers of commerce and tourism bureaus.

Residents can purchase it online at The book retails for $34.99.