Pennington gets more city e-mails

KINGMAN - Local developer Travin Pennington, who is currently involved in a lawsuit with the city of Kingman and two officials for their withholding what he considers public records, has added another 3,100 pages of city e-mails to his stack of 2,400.

He's also added another $621 to his original $506 bill.

On June 18, the city released 3,100 e-mails from Economic Development Director Jeff Weir, who will leave his position as of July 1.

More than 1,200 pages of sent and received e-mails were deemed personal, and 135 were confidential.

Weir's request has been added to the lawsuit against the city, which was officially filed Wednesday.

Of the e-mails received, nearly half were "junk mail," despite Pennington specifically asking in the public records request that junk mail not be included. Of the remaining 1,500 pages or so, about 75 percent dealt with day-to-day business. The rest included references to the Kingman Crossing project, and some showed the progress of city staff in paving the way for an eventual sales tax reimbursement agreement with the developer on the north side of the Crossing site.

In comparison to Pennington's request for City Manager Paul Beecher's e-mails, a much greater percentage of the Weir request were disclosed. While Beecher withheld about 75 percent of his e-mails because they were personal, confidential, or dealt with personnel issues, the city withheld only about 43 percent of Weir's e-mails.

Between Beecher and Weir, about 60 percent, or 8,441 pages of e-mails, were withheld - the grounds for Pennington's lawsuit.

The city maintains that the e-mails withheld were done so appropriately.