Plates preserve past not forgotten

Last Dec. 10, you had an interesting item about the Central Commercial Company here in Kingman. There was also a Central Commercial store in Seligman. I don't know the exact dates it was open, but I worked there in the late '50s and early '60s. It too was a good place to shop and served the people of Seligman very well.

The people who worked at the Seligman store were all very good, local folks who were proud to serve that little community, mostly railroad and ranching people, and those who came and went for jobs and to send their children to school.

There was a 50th Anniversary plate made to celebrate the 50 years Central Commercial Company was in business. I don't know how it was handled, if it was sold or given to a steady customer or what. A couple of years ago my sister-in-law found one at a yard sale in Ardmore, Okla., and gave it to me because she knew I had worked there and enjoyed it so. I wonder how many of those plates are here in Kingman. Imagine, in Ardmore, Okla., at a yard sale!

Elsie Goldsmith