Improvements expected to total nearly $300M

KINGMAN - Given some time to digest what the city staff outlined as the priorities for capital improvements, City Council will reconvene at 5 p.m. Monday at 310 N. 4th St. to discuss what areas of Kingman need the most, and most immediate, attention.

The five-year capital improvements plan outlines everything from street and building repairs to sewer and public safety upgrades. This year the total needs fall just shy of $300 million over five years, according to the latest data. The majority of this, approximately $151 million, is for street repairs.

Council members will be asked to prioritize 10 projects during the one-hour work session.

During the regular meeting, which starts at 6 p.m., Council will hear a request that passed through the Planning & Zoning Commission on Feb. 13 to rezone a 15,900-square foot parcel of residential property to allow for a 4,000-square foot business office located west of Stockton Hill Road between Jefferson Street and Johnson Avenue.

Commissioner Jim Cave was the only dissenting voter during the hearing. He requested an inventory of available commercial buildings in the city, which the P&Z staff didn't have on hand. Cave then cited a previous situation when a dentist's office was voted down because the owner couldn't show a need for the additional commercial land. Commissioner Mike Schoeff stated, "You have to show a need (for more commercial space) to make the zoning change." But he eventually voted for the rezone of the currently undeveloped land, which is bordered on the east by an office building.

Council will then hear a request to approve proposed setbacks to five 6,000-square-foot lots, where incomplete homes currently sit, following a surveying error that placed the homes beyond the locations permitted. As a condition for approval, the developer, Mohave Engineering Associates, has elected to install curbs, gutters and sidewalks on the west side of North Melody from Airfield to Pacific avenues.

City staff has recommended approval on the condition that a Proposition 207 waiver is signed. The waiver would relinquish property owners' rights to sue the city for any loss in value following the requested rezone.

• Council will vote to authorize use of two private wells. Although the Municipal Utilities Commission voted unanimously in both requests to approve the usage, city staff has recommended Council not approve the resolutions.

• Council is expected to receive a staff report for a proposed improvement district in the east Golden Valley Addition subdivision. Staff has received numerous requests from residents there, according to reports provided by the city, to establish such a district.