Hey Kingman, let's ask for a mall

Why don't we all get together and ask our interesting city to get behind any developer who will build a heated/air-conditioned, indoor mall. It could not fail, with all this wind and cold weather in the winter and baking hot sun in summer! Who wouldn't want to shop inside and enjoy spending money in comfort? We need more dress shops, another good restaurant, some big ticket guys like Costco and Olive Garden or Macy's perhaps, along with entertainment!

Get with it! We need to stop the installation of more strip malls which for the most are ugly and don't encourage customer comfort or satisfaction. Hey! In winter it was a drag to jump outside from one store to another, and I for one only shop when I have no alternative. It feels like a chore, not a pleasure, shopping in Kingman with the present retail set up. If you agree, then write some more letters and let others know how you feel about possible coming improvements to a good, but could be even better Kingman.

Bob Clarke