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6:51 PM Fri, Feb. 15th

Owners should be held accountable

In regards to "Retriever left dead after alleged attack by neighborhood pit bulls," I think the owners of the pit bulls should be accountable for they had other complaints about their dogs. I would think the owners should have to pay for what their dogs have done.

They killed Honda; the owners of Honda have lost their dog. I think that Kingman Animal Control should get off their butts and do something about dogs that run free and are not on a leash. But Animal Control has their hands tied too. They go by the law that I think needs to be changed.

If one of those pit bulls attacked a child, what are they going to do then? A dog that has been in the family for a long time is part of the family. Maybe because it has four legs and a tail ... but it is still part of the family. And if they don't have child, that is their child, which has just been murdered.

Cynthia R. Hubbard