County wants public's input

Zoning commission eyes extension of building code to all of Mohave

KINGMAN - The Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission wants to know what county residents think about extending the county building code outside of the current urban-rural overlay districts.

To that end, the Commission decided to hold a public workshop from 1 to 4 p.m. Wednesday in the auditorium in the County Administration Building on West Beale Street in Kingman. The Commission held a similar public workshop earlier this year.

"I have had several people talk to me about this overlay. I would like to see some input from the people out here," Commissioner Rodney Burgess said. "Let's really find out what these people want."

After listening to several suggestions from the Commission Wednesday, Planning and Zoning staff brought back a map showing some of the largest population concentrations in the county.

The Commission is trying to decide if it should extend the building code to the entire county or to just the major population areas and rapidly growing areas.

The Board of Supervisors have approved funding for the extension of the code.

The majority of residents who spoke before the Commission voiced their support of the code expansion.

A Havasu Heights resident said he was concerned about a project he had in the works. He asked if the code would be retroactive if the enforcement area is expanded.

Ballard said that county couldn't pass any rule or regulation in a retroactive manner. She said as long as a person gets a permit before the regulation goes into effect and keeps that permit current, the regulation would not apply to them.

However, there are some buildings under construction that do not have a permit that should, she said. The county could provide a short window of time, a month or two, to allow residents currently building or planning to build to seek a permit before the regulation went into effect.

One resident said he did not support the expansion of the plan. He said it would be inconvenient for builders to wait for inspectors to come out to rural areas and that it would not be an efficient use of time and funds for the Planning and Zoning Department. It would also not significantly help improve the safety of county residents. He said he had no problem expanding the code in urban areas.

The Commission also:

• Voted unanimously to deny a minor amendment to the Mohave County General Plan and a rezoning request for a commercial storage unit facility to be located on the northwest corner of Hope Road and Mazatzal Drive in Golden Valley.

• Voted unanimously to deny a request for a minor amendment to the Mohave County General Plan to change the land-use designation from rural development area to suburban development area, suburban residential. The parcel is located on Shinarump Drive in Golden Valley. The owner wanted to eventually create residential parcels out of the property.

• Approved a lot split for a two-acre parcel into two one-acre parcels for a family in Golden Valley on Escuela Road.

• Denied a request to split another two-acre lot into two one-acre lots on Drake Road in Golden Valley.

• Approved a request for a lot split from two acres into two one-acre lots located at the southeast corner of Hunt Road and Tangerine Drive in Golden Valley.

• Approved a request for a lot split from two acres to two one-acre parcels on the southwest corner of Herber Road and Crystal Drive in Golden Valley.

• Approved with a 5-1 vote a request to rezone a 20-acre parcel into five parcels on San Pedro road in Golden Valley.

• Approved splitting a five-acre parcel off of a larger 72.35-acre parcel on Shinarump Drive for a proposed church.

• Continued a request to rezone a 20-acre parcel into three smaller parcels off of Shinarump Drive. Staff asked for the continuance due to new information.

• Approved a request to rezone a 39.41-acre parcel into five six-acre parcels located on the southwest corner of Teddy Roosevelt Road and Abrigo Drive in Golden Valley.

• Approved a request for a zoning use permit for an assisted living home on the southwest corner of Cowlic Road and Zuni Drive in Golden Valley. The Commission added the stipulation that the owner of the property not have more than five residents in the home.

• Denied a request for zoning use permit for a night watchman's quarters in a commercial manufacturing open lot storage area located off of Estrella Road near Highway 68 in Golden Valley. The property owner wanted to rent a model home on the property to someone who would watch his property.

• Rescinded a request for a rezoning of a property located on Cowlic Road. The Board of Supervisors approved the request in 1993. Due to a disagreement between the property owner and the survey, a plat map of the lot split was never filed with the Planning and Zoning Department.

• Approved a request for the rezoning of a parcel from multiple residential to general commercial highway frontage to allow expansion of an auto dealership. The property is located on southeast corner of Northern Avenue and North Adams Street in Kingman.

• Commissioners J. B. Wise and Earl Hamlyn were absent from the meeting.