It's time to build a mall in Kingman

Bob Clarke's letter in your newspaper on March 5 regarding Kingman's need of a nice, large indoor mall certainly hit a home run with me. I have lived in Kingman since 1957 and shopping is very limited, and what we do have is not convenient. Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City have far more than we do. One does hate to go out of town, but it really is necessary. And speaking for and being myself elderly, we do need the exercise for walking, and an indoor, heated and air-conditioned mall would certainly be the answer for this, too. Some other towns, I understand, open just the mall doors for walkers long before the stores open.

Kingman needs ladies' stores, men's stores, gift shops, specialty stores; perhaps you could have movie theatres in it. Speaking of movies, whatever happened to the new theatres several years ago that were supposed to go in behind Cracker Barrel? I do think Kingman residents deserve better shopping - we do not need any more strip malls; there are too many of those now.

Mary L. McCann