County unveils plans for Grace Neal Parkway

KINGMAN - The county is moving forward on plans to improve Grace Neal Parkway located north of Kingman city limits.

At a recent public hearing to discuss a draft proposal of the new improvements, Steve Latoski from Mohave County Public Works Department and Mike Speedy from Brooks and Associates, the design consultant on the project, presented the proposal to residents and developers.

The county is proposing to turn the two-lane dirt road into a four-lane parkway with a 15-foot landscaped median, turn lanes at intersections, a 330-foot bridge over Mohave Wash and a cement-lined drainage channel.

The finished road will be a major artery between Route 66 and Stockton Hill Road.

The drainage channel will intercept runoff from the surrounding areas and, officials hope, cut down on the amount of flooding in the area.

The project is expected to cost several million dollars. Latoski said county taxpayers would not pay for the improvements. Instead, the road will be built and paid for by developers.

As each developer or property owner improves his property, they will have to build a section of road and canal equal to the length of road that runs across or in front of their property.

Developers will have to meet the specifications listed in the street improvement plan created by the county. This will make sure that the road will have a uniform size, length and width, Speedy said.

He emphasized that at this point the plans are just preliminary and that the county was looking for feedback from both residents and developers in the area.

Developers and residents raised questions about the safety of the drainage channel.

How would the county prevent someone from accessing the channel or falling into the channel? Speedy said the channel would be set back as far as possible from the road and guardrails would be constructed around the channel to prevent residents from falling in and to keep children from accessing it.

The county would also construct the end of the drainage channel.

Questions were raised about the amount of right-of-way along the proposed route.

Latoski said the amount of right-of-way would depend on the size of the drainage channel. The channel would be less wide near Stockton Hill Road but would grow wider the closer it got to Mohave Wash.

The channel would end at Mohave Wash. The requested right-of-way for the proposed road and channel would be between 140 and 150 feet, he said.

A developer from the proposed Prairie Heights subdevelopment asked about the installation of sewer lines. He had already placed a 15-inch sewer line in the ground for his development. Other developers should know what was already there so they could plan accordingly for their developments, he said. It would also avoid having to tear the road apart every time a developer finished his project.

Latoski said utilities and other items had not been included in the draft proposal because they were outside the scope of the plan. He agreed that the department would look into the utilities situation in future plans.

Another developer asked if the county had received any negative comments on the project.

Latoski said the project had been posted on the county's Public Works Web site for the past several weeks and they had not gotten any negative feedback on it.

Public Works Director Mike Hendrix said the final plan for the project would have to be approved by the county Board of Supervisors.

More information on the project can be found at the county's Web site: