Sick of attitude of parents and board

I am getting sick and tired of the ideas that the school district and parents are coming up with to help our kids get a better education. Grow up people, there have always been fights in school, do you seriously believe it is because of what the kids are wearing?

I read every month about the meetings, and it is never addressing the fact that our school district and the parents of this town are perfectly contented with the fact that their children are going to become cashiers at fast food restaurants and convenience stores.

The problem has always been the same, we worry too much about everything but educating our children. Pay teachers more, and hold kids back, quit letting them continue their education when they cannot read, write or comprehend mathematics. Hire more police officers to take care of the meth problems as many children are being raised by addicted parents and can barely stay awake and pay attention in school.

These kids need our help. They are being sent to school unbathed, unfed and totally uncared for and expected to pay attention to adults, when they already have a very vivid image of what adults are like due to the fact that their parents are tweakers. Quit blaming music, video games, clothes and various other fun things for our children's behavior and realize that mental problems are causing the trouble. If we would all take some time to report these parents, their kids would be much better off. Anyone who would go to a school and start shooting has mental problems and should be helped, not ignored before it gets to this point.

We all got picked on in school, and we all saw fights. It's called human nature. Last, but not least, give our kids something to do. There is nowhere for them to hang out and do what kids do.

I am sorry to say getting the parents involved will be difficult, as at least 50 percent of them are tweakers. So help our kids. When they come to school looking like something is wrong, talk to them or report it. Quit ignoring our children.

Also, I would love to see the more fortunate gifted children given some extra help with college preparation and our teachers educated on how to deal with gifted children. I have met four teachers in my son's 10-year career in this school district who actually don't refer to them as spoiled brats and realize they need guidance also.

Janet Jones

Golden Valley