Reader spews

To the editor:

Wow! The Gazette apparently got a new reporter who was described in the March 28 issue as having an ever-present smile, sparkling wit and willingness, and in an earlier edition as charming. Oop! Sorry! My mistake. It's the same old self-serving person singing the same old song, "Stand by Your Man."

Being from the old school, my understanding of journalism has always meant unbiased presentation free from journalistic interpretation and person(al) favoritism, a far cry from the poison found in the Gazette local tabloid.

Maybe she missed her calling, this newspaper person whose bias overrides her credibility. Her reference to oaths as well as tape tampering, let's leave that to Watergate or the CIA. Why would the general population of Golden Valley even feel that tape tampering would need to be done, even if it was possible? Oaths are no more credible than the person taking them.

This makes one wonder that perhaps the he-said-she-said may have been a product of this reporter's own making, giving cause to spread her venom in the community, instead of honest, true journalism. I hope most people will see through her ax grinding and maybe doesn't really care anyway.

Upon re-reading the article of March 28, I believe an analyst may question this writer's stability. I personally have become totally disenchanted with the Gazette's nonproductive journalism. Area news of importance has been ignored, as her personal opinions seem to take priority.

Is she being paid for slandering and intimidating anyone who dares to disagree with her bias? And just who are her bosses she refers to? Maybe more than one?

She can be sure I will no longer contribute to her wages, as I have cancelled our subscription to the Miner and will make every effort to acquire (another area newspaper) for honest reporting, or maybe even (an out-of-area newspaper) which has more local reporting news about Golden Valley.

No, I am not anti-incorporation, in all respect to those who are, but what I am is very concerned about this city's leadership being in the hands of such who wrote the March 28 article, even on a temporary basis, and the possibility of these same people writing their own paychecks.

What about the boastful reference to smoke screens? Scary idea?

I want news, not a scandal sheet.

Kathleen Kane

Golden Valley


Editor's note: I really hope venting made you feel better. And thanks for trying to place a city's future in my humble hands, but that will be up to a city council, if the incorporation becomes reality.