Beecher almost left $425,000 on the table

I was amazed at what I read in the May 1 Miner. I hope the citizens of Kingman realize what just went on regarding the so-called bidding process to sell the four one-acre well sites in Golden Valley. If it had not been for Keith Walker, Scotty Dunton and unnamed other local concerned business people, our city manager, Paul Beecher, would have left $425,000 on the table.

Mr. Beecher was advising Council to sell Jim Rhodes these four sites for $75,000. Then, all sorts of strange things started happening. First of all, Council was informed the property was not as Mr. Beecher had presented it. It was not landlocked or inaccessible, and quite possibly, worth more than the recommended price. Council decided to put it back out to bid, with bidding starting at $150,000, sealed bids, with a deadline. There were not expected to be any bidders other than Mr. Rhodes.

Enter Walker, Dunton, et al. Bidding was done, bids were in, bids were opened, and lo and behold, when Rhodes found out there were higher bids, he was allowed to put in a bid after the deadline. If you don't think deadlines mean anything, try that with the IRS some time. What's wrong with this picture?

Then Dunton says he would be willing to pay up to $500,000 for the property, if, as it appeared, the bidding was not really closed. This is where I get leaving $425,000 on the table. Mr. Beecher recommended an original sales price of $75,000, which darn near happened. Do the math.

Mr. Editor, in the last month or so, your paper has really been a pleasure to read. I have been a subscriber for 30-plus years, and lately, you have been great. I wondered about Nicholas Wilbur, too. He comes across as sort of a smart aleck, but, you know what, Nicholas? I'm starting to like that. Just remember what Warren Buffet says about people. He looks for energy, intelligence and integrity. If they don't have the last one, the first two will kill you.

Tom Christensen