Clarifying an issue

To the editor:

I wanted to correct a point in the article of May 9.

As stated in our last press release, we have separated our group from Lou Tranka's group. We are the Republican Party Reborn, and we are not affiliated with Lou Tranka's group.

As I was saying, in the article you wrote: "Tranka said Gould met with and supported the efforts of some of the members and the Golden Valley Minutemen at a rally in Lake Havasu City to protest the imprisonment of border guards Ramos and Campean."

"We all need to join in making the party what it used to be, what we want it to be and what we see missing in our politicians," he said. "We're watching what you're doing."

Tranka never said that. I have said that, and I would not bring this out if Tranka would agree with me. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why we have separated from him. It's because we believe in breaking the first law of good old boys clubs, that we don't kiss (up) to politicians just because we carry the same membership card, and we have the right and duty to let them know when they fail in representing us.

And a little note about Nancy Mclain:

In the article, she says the immigration issue is covered by federal policy over which she has no control.

"Each person in this room has as much influence with the federal government as I do," she said, adding each person wishing to live in the United States should go through the same process to become citizens. "Keep the pressure on your federal legislators to make sure that happens," she said.

My answer to Mrs. McClain is: That's BS, Mrs. McClain. You have control on immigration issues, at least at the state level, and you have failed us at least two times. First, you voted against Senate Bill 1157 that it would have made it a felony for Illegal aliens to trespass in the state of Arizona; and second, you did not vote on HB2577, a bill that would have required employers to verify the immigration status of their employees through basic employment verification. Also, the bill would have set penalties for those who hire illegal aliens.

Why, Mrs. McClain, did you not vote on this vital bill for the state of Arizona? What you were doing that was so important?

Please, Mrs. McClain, do not hide from your responsibilities, pointing your finger at the federal government! Start to do your part! That's why you are paid and elected, and if you have a different agenda, at least have the (courage) to speak straight where you really stand.


Luca Zanna

Mohave County Minutemen and Member of the Golden Valley Republican Reborn Party