Has RAID used up its time?

After reading Andraya Whitney's article on Councilman Tom Spears' attempt to talk to people who won't listen (RAID), we were reminded of a movie we watched a long time ago. In the movie, a group was trying to decide how to form a new business and they wouldn't listen to anything Rodney Dangerfield, who was the only person in the group with any experience, had to offer. After all the bickering, they were deciding what to call the venture, and Rodney offered, "Fantasyland." That is exactly what the RAID group reminds us of.

RAID's solution to the city of Kingman's woes is to put a double-wide with a used pump truck on Topeka for fire protection and buy an old radio station for a 911 emergency call center. Someone needs to tell these folks what is really needed and teach them how the process works.

We have yet to see a viable solution to anything from this group. In our eyes, all they do is worry about their neighborhood and try to create chaos so Nick Wilbur has something to write about.

The personal attacks on the mayor and City Council members are outrageous and unfounded. We would like to see one shred of evidence that any member of our current Council has benefited from anything on those silly little signs that are getting plastered all over town. Until we see some proof, the RAID crew will, in our eyes, be the ones that have no integrity and can't be trusted.

RAID, your 15 minutes is up.

Joe Bibich, Jim Cave and John Cave