Plight of unemployed not discussed

I am a 60-year-old man. I am unemployed at this time. I can work, if someone would hire me, but no one will employ me because I lack a GED or high school diploma. I am a veteran. I lost my paper years ago, but I have worked from East to West coast and done many jobs. I learned from professionals and have a lot of knowledge of products produced in this country. What you know or have learned means nothing; a piece of paper means more. Look at all the college, sports, money people who can't read or write who were given a free pass.

I have tried for three weeks to find a job and used what money I have for gas, gone to the employment office, asked for assistance, and all I can get is food. But as for work or gas for work, they (Department of Economic Security) say they can't help. Oh, yea, now how am I to look for work, walk? Well, who cares if I'm homeless.

I have no credit cards, bank account, no funds. But I can't even get a job. How come the paper writes of everything else except unemployed people and how age, a paper, can't even get you a job? Washing dishes? I call that discrimination, and D.E.S. or Kingman will not help the lower-income. No assistance. To be employed it seems like money people are more important. I speak for a lot of people. I have seen it all over and worked around millions of them, but we are not heard. That is the truth, you know that. You talk of rights. Money buys them; if you are poor, you have none. We are pushed aside or out to the street or jail. No one prints that in the paper. A person has to pay one way or another to be heard even to buy the paper.

I am not a drunk, on drugs, a gambler, and I don't lie, cheat or steal. I don't con anyone. I dress properly and I can't get a job where I have lived for 20 years. Before all these out-of-state people moved into Kingman, I did have work, but they went out of business or a layoff or temporary employment for $6.75 an hour. Can you live on that? Try it some time. Oh, yea, keep your mouth shut no matter what the drunk or druggie says to you or you might not get out. The next day your might get kicked out of the temporary job service for defending yourself.

I do my job well, but I can't get work. I am not from California and I don't have money. If you were to write about unemployment around Kingman and discrimination, you would be out of work. I bet you and I will never hear or see it in the paper unless I pay for it.

David L. Carter