New KUSD policy has been a mess

I am sick and tired of school administration and teachers punishing the students for wearing warm clothes. My child was given detention for wearing a sweatshirt to school and refusing to take it off. It was unzipped and very obvious that he was wearing a school shirt underneath it. My child also has Diabetes and cannot afford to keep getting sick.

Is the school district going to start paying all the hospital bills for refusing to allow our children to wear warm clothes when it's the school that cannot get us the sweatshirts? I was told from teachers and administrators that they want the students to wear their uniform shirts over the sweatshirts, which is not only uncomfortable, but will stretch their shirts out. Then when spring comes, they get into trouble for wearing a baggy shirt.

I am furious that the school district is doing this. Sure, uniforms are fine, but why did they wait until July 26 to order mandatory shirts? They are always out of the sizes the students need and overloaded with shirts they don't. They waited until September to order sweatshirts, hello?

I also just found out that all of our tax dollars are being sent out of town instead of staying here in town where we need them. We have a company here in town that gave a reasonable bid to make all these shirts, and they basically pushed him to the side. The school district ordered our students' shirts from a company in Phoenix and spent $163,000. This is beyond sickening.

For all you parents, I have some great advice. I went to Fast T's, owned by Mike Ross, and he made my children the exact same shirts for less than the school, and made my children the sweatshirts so they are no longer getting sick.

We had a teacher at the Kingman High School, Mr. Angle, who made the comment that our shirts were cheap knock-offs. Excuse me! They are exactly the same as the ones you ordered from out of town. They are the same brand, same logo - just cheaper and more reasonable. You get them when you order them, not weeks or even months later. I think all of us should keep our money in this community, not in Phoenix. He has made shirts for me in the past for other activities and does an excellent job.

Show your support and visit Fast T's for all your school shirts.

Teresa Mack