KPD works to keep city clear of graffiti

In the last month and a half, there have been 35 reports of criminal damage by graffiti in Kingman.

"Graffiti is one of those things that is ongoing," Kingman Police Sgt. Rusty Cooper said.

Reports of graffiti have not reached the levels of earlier in the year. During February, the KPD received more than 100 reports of graffiti in the city.

Stockton Hill Road is home to the most reports in February and since September. The stretch of road accounted for more than 20 percent of all the reports since September, five of which occurred in the area of Interstate 40.

For the year, there have been approximately 450 reports of graffiti.

"59 of these 450 have been cleared by an arrest," Cooper said. "Several of these could have been one suspect responsible for multiple incidents," Cooper said.

Since February, 38 incidents have been cleared by arrest.

If graffiti is ever on your property or you see graffiti somewhere else in the city, you can contact the KPD at 753-2191.

Beyond cleaning up noxious weeds, junk and trash, stagnant water, excessive smoke, fumes or soot, the city's abatement program also targets graffiti.

"We try to get it down as soon as possible," Cooper said.

When officers respond to reports of graffiti, they attempt to contact the property owner.

At that time, property owners can sign an abatement form allowing the city to remove the graffiti.

A city employee will either paint over or sand blast the graffiti to remove it.

"It's very time-intensive," Cooper said.

The KPD hasn't made any recent arrests in connection with graffiti, Cooper said.

If you have any information regarding suspects of graffiti, contact the KPD or call Mohave Silent Witness at (888) 227-8780.