Sheriff and police chief to meet up at drags

The Napa Kingman Street Drags IV is scheduled to take over Beale Street between Grandview Avenue and Second Street from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday.

The races are broken down into eight classes, and a burnout contest will also be held.

According to the class rules to be used for race day, The Realty Experts Chambers Team Class is open to all pickup trucks with any modifications. Grandpa's Kitchen Sport Compact Class is available for any four- or six-cylinder import or domestic vehicle with front-wheel drive.

There is the Northwest Security Service Pure Street Class for all daily-driven vehicles that have had little or no modification. These cars must be licensed, insured and street legal. The Good Guys Hot Rod Class is open for all vehicles with moderate modifications. When you are out cruising on a Saturday night, the muscle cars that you see are the ones that will be in this race.

The Snap On Tools Pro Street Class will feature vehicles with complete bodies that include racecars seen at drag strips. The Skyridge Custom Homes Unlimited Class is the anything goes division.

For quads and street-legal motorcycles, there is the Mother Road Harley-Davidson Motorcycle/Quad Class. Depending on time, the Allcoat Powder Coating Trophy Class will have a limited number of cars running. This series of racing will consist of cars that have passed the technical inspection but did not qualify.

Of course, there will be the Murphy Broadcasting Burnout Contest. If the car is registered to race, it is eligible for entry.

An intriguing race Saturday will be the head-to-head matchup between Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan and Kingman Chief of Police Robert DeVries. This race is scheduled for 1 p.m.

This was supposed to happen last year, but because of schedule conflicts, the race was postponed until this year.

First Street, between Beale and Spring streets, will be used for a vendor alley. Anything you wish to find at a drag race should be found there.

After racing, the cars will be turning left off of Beale Street onto Second Street. They will travel up to Spring Street; turn left and return to the pit area in the lot behind Lee Williams Stadium on the White Cliffs Middle School campus.