Bucks for bottles

More than just cans: Tracy Duren of Golden Valley picks up plastic and glass bottles along Highway 68 and other roads in the valley. Duren moved to the community from the San Bernardino, Calif., area about five months ago and has been unable to find a job. He said he recycles his finds and earns enough to make it worth the trouble. "It sure beats sitting at home watching TV and not making any money. I make enough to buy gas and smokes and to support my bad habits," he said, grinning. "And it's not just bottles I find in the desert. Once, I found a little dog, a purebred terrier with clipped ears and everything. I put an ad in the paper and nobody claimed him, so I gave him to a friend. Another time, I found a girl wandering out in the desert down between the highway and Shinarump. She had been partying with some friends and had lost her way back to the house. I was able to get her to safety. You just never know what you'll find."