Bad planning caused the problem

I'm guessing Mr. Cayser's opinion refers to the traffic light at southbound Stockton Hill Road and westbound I-40 near Beverly. If so, the reason that people stop before entering the intersection is called common courtesy.

It is almost impossible to make a right turn from Beverly onto southbound Stockton Hill or a left turn from northbound Stockton Hill onto westbound Beverly unless someone stops and leaves room in the intersection. My great thanks to all those who do so. Oh, and there is a sign that says: "Do not block the intersection."

A real solution to this very problematic intersection (instead of spending a lot of money to make Beverly a right turn only intersection - a side effect of which is to reroute all Beverly left-turn traffic through the shopping center or through the hospital parking lot) would be to have a signal at the Beverly part of the intersection that is synchronized with the one for I-40 access. However, ADOT controls access (and thus traffic signals) at interstate on/off ramps so that would require coordination and cooperation between ADOT and the city. The ADOT control of signals at interstate ramps is probably the reason we will never see meaningful change in the traffic flow on Stockton Hill. The freeway will always be a bottleneck because those signals cannot be synchronized by the city. Another example of how the city was allowed to develop based on who owned what rather than on the realities of proper and professional city planning.

Dan O'Connell