Murder case will get new judge

Pasqual Acuna

Pasqual Acuna

KINGMAN - A first-degree murder case is on hold while a new judge is found.

Judge Robert Moon was asked to recuse himself Monday from a case involving Pasqual Acuna, 19, and Billie Acuna, 20, due to a possible conflict of interest.

Pasqual Acuna is charged in several cases with multiple counts of drug possession and aggravated assault. He is also charged with one count of theft, one count of a drive-by shooting and one count of first-degree murder. He shares the murder charge with John Leland Neal, 20.

Billie Acuna is charged with several counts of aggravated assault and one count of drive-by shooting.

Moon notified County Attorney Derek Carlisle and defense attorneys Stephen Glazer and Elana Sears during a hearing that he knew people on both sides of the case. His friendship with these people, some of them relatives of the accused, could be construed as a conflict of interest. Moon said he would recuse himself from the case unless the attorneys wished otherwise.

After consulting with their clients, Glazer and Sears asked Moon to recuse himself from the case. Moon seemed surprised by the attorneys' request.

"This is definitely a train wreck because it will take weeks to get a new judge," he said.

However, under the judicial code of conduct, Moon said he felt this was the right thing to do. He transferred both cases to Judge Steven Conn for reassignment.

Moon may recuse himself from Neal's case in the future as well.