Letter: Govan is innocent until proven guilty

In this day and age people are to quick to jump on the bandwagon to condemn without evidence.

Like one letter from a judgmental person. I am shocked the Miner would even print such words. You do not crucify a man even when all the evidence is in.

The charges against Dr. Govan are ludicrous. Dr. Govan has a very outgoing and friendly personality, a great bedside manner, which some people do not understand and misinterpret.

My doctor of five years was mysteriously AWOL, and I was lied to as to his whereabouts, which I did not appreciate.

I ended up in emergency and Dr. Govan became my doctor and is to this day. I have seen nothing improper in his dealings with patients or co-workers either in the office or at KRMC.

I do not believe that Dr. Govan would jeopardize his career or the license that allows him to practice that career. I am 70 but Dr. Govan will me be my doctor as long as the lord allows it.

Margaret Cagle