Letter: Republicans are out for donations

The idea of opening up new land for drilling that the oil companies are pushing and trumpeted by the Republican Party clearly illustrates how they are lacking in ideas. Even Alaska is suing Exxon Mobil for not drilling. Exxon Mobil has had drilling rights for over 31 years now on Alaskan land but haven't drilled. If they drilled there today, or anywhere else for that matter, in 12 to 17 years the price of gas would be about 2 cents less. This is the Republican idea of bringing down gas prices. It is a shell game. It is a lie.

The answer for consumers lies closer to the wind power T. Boone Pickens is advocating. T. Boone, a major oilman of long term, states that we cannot drill our way out of this mess. The answer lies in renewables. A new megawatt of electricity produced by a centralized utility will produce one job. A megawatt produced by renewables like wind or solar panels on our roofs will produce eight jobs. One can safely state that, based on these numbers, the Republicans are against good-paying job creation. Their true interests lie in more political donations from the oil companies.

Tom Kociemba