Column: Has best interest of voters at heart

This is in response to Pete Byers' opinion column in the Aug. 15 Miner. I would like to address the "smoke and mirrors" scenario that Mr. Byers accuses me of.

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Byers for proving that the polling is correct and that I am leading in the race for Mohave County Board of Supervisors, District I, for what other reason would he attack my abilities and reputation?

I am going to address a few issues, one being the issue of $50,000 that Mr. Byers claims has been given to me to buy this election. For the benefit of Mohave County voters, Mr. Byers should have substantiated the claims of said contributions by reviewing my financial disclosure so that the citizens of District I would not have been mislead.

A question was asked about our qualifications. I'm sure we could all list several, but I'm going to leave the readers with this thought - many of our greatest leaders would not have the qualifications for this job in today's standards, but their greatest qualification was that they had the best interests of the voters at heart. Mr. Byers, my greatest qualification is that I will stand up for the voters of District I.

In addressing the Sheriff Joe Arpaio allegation, I was a delegate at the 2008 Arizona Republican Party State Convention and I was lucky enough to sit down and talk to Sheriff Joe. He remembered my efforts in pursuing illegals in my run for the 2006 legislative race. Mr. Byers, it's ridiculous to think that you would attack Sheriff Joe's integrity by insinuating his accepting any kind of promise for an endorsement. May I add that I have tremendous respect for Sheriff Sheahan, and he has elected not to endorse any candidate for the Board of Supervisors.

On the issue of drug testing people who are receiving financial assistance, I know that these programs are state mandated but what Mr. Byers apparently did not know is that there was a bill at the Capitol this year that would have given the counties some longitude in allowing counties to drug test. I have talked to several legislators this legislative session about this and it unfortunately got buried. Believe me, I will bring it back to the table at the Capitol.

The fact is, Mr. Byers is the one trying to sway your vote through "smoke and mirrors." My desire is for the taxpayers of Mohave County to have all information available to them. As your next supervisor, I will always have the best interests of the taxpayers at heart. Mohave County citizens have the right to an open and honest government. I look forward to your vote on Sept. 2.