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12:45 AM Thu, Jan. 17th

Letter: About that Assessors Office 'clique'

I believe voters are tired of mud, thus I am reluctantly responding to the ad by an assessor candidate whose name I will not mention. I am Beverly Payne. I've been employed by the county since 1970, and have been your elected assessor for 12 years. I openly supported your current assessor, Ron Nicholson, when I decided not to run for office. Happily, he hired me as his chief deputy and I believe my experience and dedication of the office and our citizens have enabled me to earn my keep. When that is no longer the case, I will retire.

I am responsible for hiring the people who did live in Chloride back before I had any property there. I remember telling my administrator, "If they're the most qualified, I don't care where they live." Since then, my husband and I do live about a mile from Chloride and love the solitude. Now there are just two Chloridiots in the office. Ron has a house there, but doesn't live in it.

You would have to expand the "clique" of people with a common interest to include our entire office. We are all dedicated to accomplish the duties of the office in the best, most economical manner possible. Ron is a good leader toward that objective. He trusts and encourages the staff. He has searched the nation for the best technology available and made our information available to you via the Internet. That saves us all time.

There is also nothing easy about two software conversions. But we've done it, and right now, we are managing with the same size staff we had in 2003. Maybe that technology is earning its keep. But sorry, there's nothing clandestine.

Bev Payne

Chief deputy, Mohave County Assessor's Office