Letter: Thanks for JTED

Thanks Mohave County!

On Nov. 4, the voters in the Kingman Unified School District once again stepped up to the plate for our kids by joining with voters in Lake Havasu and Bullhead City to approve the formation of a Joint Technical Education District in Mohave County. Funding through JTED gives school districts, such as Kingman Unified, the chance to expand our career and technical offerings for students, and prepare them for careers in our community. This will benefit our local economy in the long term.

We at KUSD are focused on improving academic achievement and reducing the number of students who drop out of school before graduating. I am certain career and technical education programs funded though JTED will lend major support to that effort.

These are difficult times for a lot people. Yet, JTED was approved by nearly 70 percent of the voters in our district. I appreciate the efforts of the community members from all walks of life who worked so hard to get information to the public as to the benefits of this program. Thanks again, voters, for once again supporting the educational goals for our students!

Bill Goodale

Governing Board Member

Kingman Unified School District #20